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Programs to Reduce Teen Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections, and Associated Sexual Risk Behaviors: A Systematic Review.

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Goesling, Brian.
Colman, Silvie.
Trenholm, Christopher.
Terzian, Mary.
Moore, Kristin.
Journal Article
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Research conducted since the late 1980s has identified more than two dozen teenpregnancy and STI prevention programs with evidence of effectiveness. Key strengths of thisresearch are the large number of randomized controlled trials, the common use of multiple followupperiods, and attention to a broad range of programs delivered in diverse settings. Two maingaps are a lack of replication studies and the need for more research on Latino youth and otherhigh-risk populations. In addressing these gaps, researchers must overcome common limitationsin study design, analysis, and reporting that have negatively affected prior research. (Author Abstract)

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