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Protectors or Perpetrators?: Fathers, Mothers, and Child Abuse and Neglect.

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Wilcox, W. Bradford.
Dew, Jeffrey.
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Institute for American Values. Center for Marriage and Families.
National Fatherhood Initiative.
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This brief explores what role fathers play in perpetrating or protecting their children from child neglect and abuse. Studies indicate that fathers, especially married fathers who live with their children, play an important role in protecting their children from abuse and neglect, a fact that is often overlooked by researchers, policymakers, and the media. This is not to say that fathers play no role in child abuse and neglect; research indicates that a little more than a third of maltreatment cases do involve fathers. Accordingly, this brief details the role that fathers play in protecting their children from or perpetrating child abuse and neglect, and it explores the social, emotional, and economic factors associated with paternal abuse and neglect. (Author abstract modified)