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Raising Your Child Together: A Guide for Unmarried Parents in Alabama.

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Personal Author: 
Adler-Baeder, Francesca.
Garneau, Chelsea.
Skuban, Emily.
Jackel, Roberta.
Wagoner, Teresa.
Landers, Ami.
Harcourt, Kate Taylor.
Corporate Author: 
Alabama Cooperative Extension System.
Auburn University.
Department of Human Development and Family Studies.
Alabama Healthy Marriage & Relationship Education Initiative.
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This handbook offers some keys to successful coparenting relationships. It also offers strategies to raise a child as a team, whether the parents are romantically together or not. This guide will help coparents to learn to communicate, handle differences, manage anger, develop a written partners-in-parenting agreement, handle money wisely, learn what it takes to have a good, long lasting couple relationship or marriage and handle the tough issues that can break couples apart.

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