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Rebuilding a Marriage Culture: Why Capturing Young People's Imagination is Key.

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Mattox, William R., Jr.
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This paper explores how societies can rebuild cultures that affirm and support marriage by capturing the imagination of young people. It discusses signs of hope that indicate young people are openly challenging the central tenets of the sexual revolution, research findings that indicate a perceived decline in romance, and the expressed need for romance. The growing number of young people who appreciate the importance of marital stability is noted, as well as the failure of cohabitating relationships to improve the changes of long-term marital success, and the replacement of simple love songs with wounded hearts club band music. Factors that lead to divorce are identified, and the importance of being willing and able to work through difficulties that arise in marriage is stressed. The success of marriage mentoring programs, the role of churches in reversing the retreat from marriage, and the need to talk about divorce in public arenas are also addressed. Finally, the paper explains how laws against jilted dads hurt children. Recommendations for reforming divorce law are made and include: promote justice for no-fault spouses and lengthen waiting periods.

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