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Relationships First: Creating Connections that Help Young People Thrive.

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Personal Author: 
Roehlkepartain, Eugene.
Pekel, Kent.
Syvertsen, Amy.
Sethi, Jenna.
Sullivan, Theresa.
Scales, Peter.
Corporate Author: 
Search Institute.
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Growing evidence suggests that strategically and systematically investing in building developmental relationships can be catalytic for effective education, programs, and services for children, youth, and families. What makes a relationship “developmental”? In other words, what happens in relationships that contribute to learning, growing, and thriving? And how do we start doing something as nebulous as “improving relationships”? Search Institute is committed to exploring these questions with colleagues and partners. This booklet introduces what we’re learning and provides some starting points for action by organizations and leaders dedicated to children and youth. (Author abstract modified)

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