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Rural Social Workers' Perceptions of Training Needs for Working With LGBTQ-Identified Youth in the Foster Care System.

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Toner, Jean.
Journal Article
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The article reports on findings from an exploratory qualitative study with rural child welfare professionals concerning their perceptions of services and training needs for working effectively with LGBTQ-identified youth in rural out-of-home care. The study employed focus groupmethodology with workers from one region of a Midwestern state. Emergent themes corroborated extant research findings, and the three types were (a) an analysis of the current reality of knowledge, services, and training; (b) specific challenges to expanding and/or improving training for ruralworkers; and (c) recommendations for improving services and climate for LGBTQ-identified youth in rural areas. Implications for rural social work practice follow a discussion of findings. (Author abstract)

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