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Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents.

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International Association of Chiefs of Police.
Bureau of Justice Assistance, U.S. Department of Justice.
Technical Report
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This federally funded report presents a Model Policy designed to be used as a template for law enforcement agencies to develop policies for minimizing the trauma experienced by children at the time of their parent's arrest. The report begins with a concepts and issues paper that explain the impact of an arrest of a parent on a child, the challenges faced by police officers when children are involved during the arrest of a parent, and the benefits of preventing or minimizing a child's exposure to potentially traumatic events. Statistics are shared on the number of children with incarcerated parents, and the legal responsibilities of law enforcement for children of arrested parents are reviewed. Policies and procedures incorporated into the model policy are then discussed and address: interagency coordination and training, pre-arrest planning, making an arrest, appropriate placement of a child, booking, follow-up visits, and documentation. The report closes with the model policy.

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