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The School-to-Prison Pipeline in Montgomery County [Maryland].

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Personal Author: 
Bonner-Tompkins, Elaine.
Rubin, Leslie.
Latham, Kristen.
Corporate Author: 
Maryland Office of Legislative Oversight.
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This report begins by explaining the School-to-Prison Pipeline refers to the increased risk of juvenile delinquency and criminal justice system involvement among children who have been suspended or expelled from school. It notes that nationally, the criminalization of minor school-based infractions and the over-representation of youth of color and students with disabilities are key features of the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Findings are then reported on the School-to-Prison Pipeline within Montgomery County, Maryland. Data is reported that mirrors national trends in disproportionality by race, ethnicity, gender, and special education status, but also indicate the the Pipeline is shrinking. Information is provided on data trends for the School-to Prison Pipeline from 2011 to 2015, demographics of the Pipeline in Montgomery County, and the county’s alignment with best practices. The report notes that while many local agency practices align with best practices for stemming for the Pipeline, opportunities exist for improving local practices that include engaging community stakeholders and improving data systems to track performance outcomes and to support program improvements. Recommendations are made for improving local approaches to stem the Pipeline. Numerous tables and 138 references.

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