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Social Work Intervention With Co-Addicted Couples.

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Simmons, Janie.
Hopping-Winn, Amanda.
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National Abandoned Infants Assistance Resource Center.
Briefing Materials
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This brief discusses best social work practices with co-addicted couples. It explains characteristics of couples who use, the impact of relationships on the addiction of women, and the need for treatment and social service providers to work not only with the addicted women, but also with their partners and their relationships as a whole. A risk profile is provided for partnered drug-users and the challenges professionals face in providing services to co-addicted couples are reviewed. Recommendations are then explored for providing services and include: arrange concurrent and coordinated drug treatment services, adopt a harm reduction model, engage the partner, conduct comprehensive assessments of both partners, offer the partner concrete services, and engage in couples work. Profiles of successful programs are also included. 19 references.