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Stepfather involvement and adolescent well-being : do mothers and nonresidential fathers matter?

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Yuan, Anastasia S. Vogt.
Hamilton, Hayley A.
Journal Article
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Using the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, the authors explore how aspects of stepfather involvement are related to adolescent well-being and whether these relationships depend on maternal involvement, non-residential father involvement, or amount of time in the household. Results indicate that a close, nonconflictual stepfather-stepchild relationship improves adolescent well-being, but it is most beneficial when the adolescent also has a close, nonconflictual mother-child relationship. Engaging in shared activities with the stepfather decreases depression when the stepfather has been in the household for a longer period of time. The relationships between stepfather involvement and adolescent well-being are separate from nonresidential father involvement. (Author abstract)

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