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Su Matrimonio Vale la Pena Técnicas que Harán Funcionar su Relación de Pareja.

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Markman, Howard J.
Stanley, Scott M.
Blumberg, Susan L.
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Chapter 1: Four Hallmarks of a Great Relationship: PREP in a Nutshell. Chapter 2: Destructive Patterns: Signs of Danger Ahead. Chapter 3: Changing Roles, Changing Rules: Men and Women in Conflict. Chapter 4: When What You Heard Isn't What I Said: Understanding Filters in Communication. 5. Talking Safely Without Fighting: The Speaker-Listener Technique. Chapter 6. Controlling the Home Fires: Handling Issues and Events Well. Chapter 7: New Perspectives on Problems and Problem Solving. Chapter 8: Keeping Conflict Under Control: Ground Rules for a Great Relationship. Chapter 9: Safe Harbor: Preserving and Protecting Friendship. Chapter 10: Playing Together: How to Succeed in Fun Without Really Trying. Chapter 11: Sense and Sensuality: Enhancing and Protecting Your Sex Life. Chapter 12: Sacred Places: Core Beliefs and Spiritual Intimacy. Chapter 13: Why You Can't Always Get What You Want: Unraveling the Mysteries of Expectations. Chapter 14: Forgiveness: Restoring Hope. Chapter 15: Sticking, Stuck, or Stopped: On the Path to Commitment. Chapter 16: What to Do Now. PREP Educational Product. (A PREP curriculum resource).

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