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Summary Report on Cognitive Interviews for Healthy Marriage Item Development.

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Guzman, Lina.
Moore, Kristin.
Matthews, Gregory.
Redd, Zakia.
Technical Report
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This report summarizes the approach and findings for the cognitive interviews conducted by Child Trends to develop measures of Healthy Marriage for use in evaluations of federally funded marriage education initiatives. This research was conducted under a grant Child Trends received from the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) to conceptualize and measure healthy marriage and relationships. Specifically, in this report we describe our recruitment approach for the study, the participants' characteristics, protocol development, main findings and recommendations. The design of this study was informed by the earlier phases of the Healthy Marriage project. Specifically, a review of the literature (Bronte-Tinkew, Guzman, Jekielek, Moore, Ryan, Redd, Carrano, and Matthews, 2003), memorandums written by experts in the field (see Jekielek, Moore, Carrano, and Matthews, 2003), and a compendium of existing items (Carrano, Cleveland, Bronte-Tinkew, and Moore, 2003) were used to identify both the domains of a healthy marriage and relationship and potential items. This report focuses on the final phase of the project, in which a battery of measures were developed and tested on a small sample of married or engaged adults. (Author abstract)

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