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Supporting Native Indian Preschoolers and Their Families: Family-School-Community Partnerships.

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McWilliams, M. Susan.
Maldonado-Mancebo, Tami.
Szczepaniak, Paula S.
Jones, Jacqueline.
Corporate Author: 
National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
Journal Article
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To address the persistent achievement gap between children in low income, minority communities and children in mainstream, middle-class communities, we know that both school experiences and home and early life experiences are important. A two-pronged approach to the problem involves creating high-quality, culturally responsive, educational programming in preschools and collaborating with community partners to design engaging after-school opportunities for families. This article briefly reviews the status of urban indigenous families and discusses an innovative all-Native-American preschool, an early childhood initiative created to address the achievement gap. (Author abstract)

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