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The Survival Guide for Marriage in the Military.

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Gomulka, Gene Thomas.
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The revised edition of The Survival Guide for Marriage in the Military for dating, engaged and married military couples is an interactive work that helps couples assess their strengths and weaknesses in nine critical areas (Communication, Conflict Resolution, Finances, Sexuality, etc.). Once partners have each completed a detachable inventory, "counseling insights" found in the book aid couples in their discussion of certain "potentially problematic" statements identified in the self-grading process. The "counseling insights," based on years of counseling experience and input provided by hundreds of military couples, counselors and chaplains, are similar to the type of guidance offered to couples by counseling professionals. Reviews and couple feedback demonstrate why it is, without a doubt, the best book on the market today for dating, engaged and married personnel. Couples reunited after deployments (e.g., to Iraq and Afghanistan) have found it particularly beneficial in their relationships. An indispensable tool for both military couples and professionals, the book aims to reduce high divorce rates, promote deeper emotional and sexual intimacy, and enhance a couple's chances for a long-lasting and happy marriage despite the challenges of life in the armed services. (Author abstract)

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