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TA Bundle: Creative Programming to Support the Healing Needs of Survivors

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Patty Branco
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As we do the work of supporting trauma survivors, we must honor the unique and diverse ways in which survivors may feel empowered and strengthened in their individual healing processes. Although the sky is the limit when it comes to advocates' creativity and resourcefulness, advocates seem eager to learn from each other and gain new ideas about innovative approaches to provide a more holistic, engaging, and comprehensive set of services to trauma survivors. This Technical Assistance (TA) Bundle includes TA Questions (TAQs) featuring creative programming ideas that advocates can adapt or replicate in their agencies to support survivor empowerment and healing. These types of programming can offer far-reaching benefits such as helping survivors develop valuable marketable skills and gain work experience. The TAQs in this bundle are intended to inspire advocates to think outside the box and to build bridges and forge new alliances with non-traditional partners. Best practices information is shared throughout the TAQs to support advocates in developing meaningful and innovative programming that is trauma-informed.