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Tailoring a Video-Feedback Intervention Increases Sensitive Parenting in Ethnic Minority Mothers: A Randomized Control Trial.

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Hodes, Marja W.
Meppelder, H. Marieke.
Schuengel, Carlo.
Kef, Sabina.
Journal Article
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Parenting support programs for the general population may not be effective for parents with intellectual disabilities (ID). A videobased intervention program based on attachment and coercion theory (Video-feedback Intervention to promote Positive Parenting with additional focus on Sensitive Discipline; VIPP-SD) was tailored to parents with ID and the implementation of the adapted program was evaluated by the home visitors conducting the program. Home visitors (N = 17) of 36 families rated the intervention process during each session. Home visitors' evaluations showed a significant increase in positive ratings of parents' easiness to work with, amenability to influence, and openness. Cooperation remained stable. A case example illustrated this process, showing how feedback using video facilitated changes in the perceptions and attributions of a mother with mild ID. (Author abstract)

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