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TLC -- Talking and Listening with Care: A Communication Guide for Singles and Couples.

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Dixon, Patricia.
Osiris, Khalil.
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Communication is the most critical component of a relationship. If communication between two individuals is ineffective, it is highly likely that they will not be effective in their relationship. Although a lot has been written on interpersonal communication in general and African American communication in particular, few studies focus on communication for African American singles and couples. And there are fewer studies, if any, that provide a practical guide for African Americans to communicate in a relationship partnership, with steps on how to resolve conflicts effectively. This is what TLC - Talking and Listening with Care provides.

Inspired by students who take the African-American relationships course at Georgia State University and the work we are doing with the African American Relationship Institute, TLC came out of the need for a communication tool that is centered in a perspective and crafted in a language that is culturally specific for African American singles and couples. It includes the African perspective on the spoken word, fundamentals for communicating effectively, gender differences, and African American communication styles.

TLC outlines three steps for communicating and provides a three-step program to help couples resolve conflict. In addition TLC includes exercises to help singles and couples examine their own communication styles, explore the source of these styles and to increase their communication competencies and skills. It is our hope that readers will be inspired by this work, and apply the principles outlined throughout it, to their relationships. (Author abstract)

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