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Trust and Trust Building.

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Lewicki, Roy J.
Tomlinson, Edward C.
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Beyond Intractability (BI)
Briefing Materials
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This brief explains the meaning of trust, the need for trust, and the origins and development of trust. Theories on the origins of interpersonal trust are explored, including the individual propensity to trust, dimensions of trustworthy behavior and levels of trust development. The difference between calculus-based trust (CBT) relationships and the more trusting identification-based trust (IBT) relationships is explained. The following section discusses how violations can damage interpersonal trust and how the offense severity impacts the damage. Strategies for rebuilding trust are described, as well as the difference between reconciliation and forgiveness. Techniques specific for rebuilding trust in CBT and in IBT relationships are also discussed. Finally, practical tips for building and rebuilding trust are provided for individuals, the media, and the educational system. 2 references.

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