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Understanding the President's Healthy Marriage Initiative.

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Rector, Robert E.
Pardue, Melissa G.
Technical Report
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This report outlines President Bush's Healthy Marriage Initiative. The proposed program would seek to increase healthy marriage by providing individuals and couples with: information on the value of marriage in the lives of men, women, and children; marriage-skills education that will enable couples to reduce conflict and increase the happiness and longevity of their relationship; and experimental reductions in the financial penalties against marriage that are currently contained in all federal welfare programs. The proposal would create two separate funds to promote marriage. In the first, $100 million per year would be provided in competitive grants to State governments for programs to promote healthy marriage. States receiving funding would be required to match federal grants with State funds. In the second fund, another $100 million per year would be allocated in competitive grants to States, local governments, and non-government organizations. Both funding pools could be used for a specified set of activities consistent with the overarching strategy of promoting healthy marriage. The report includes an executive summary, background information on the positive impact of marriage on poverty and the well-being of children, a description of the initiative, and talking points on the Healthy Marriage Initiative. The report also counters criticism of the initiative. 2 charts.