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The Use of Bonding and Emotional Expressiveness in the PAIRS Training: A Psychoeducational Approach for Couples.

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Durana, Carlos.
Journal Article
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Describes and assesses the use of bonding and emotional expressiveness in a psychoeducational program for couples that was developed to teach skills in preventing marital breakdown, such as enhancing self-knowledge and the ability to sustain a pleasurable intimate relationship. Nine of 31 participants in the PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) training took part in a pre- and postassessment of an intensive weekend which made use of bonding and emotionally expressive methods. Results indicate an increase in compatibility between partners and a reduction in feelings of hostility. Most participants found that the workshop enhanced empathy for others, conflict resolution, emotional openness, and the ability to listen. Two case examples of couples experiencing marital problems illustrate the main concepts.

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