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Using a Developmental Approach in Child Welfare Practice (Winter 2012 Issue of CW360).

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University of Minnesota. Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare.
Journal Special Issue
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This issue of CW360 includes: An overview of why it's important to use a developmental perspective in the child welfare system and how policy can encourage the inclusion of this approach in the child welfare system; An overview of developmental science as it applies to our youngest children and families who are part of the child welfare system; The ways collecting and sharing data and information across early childhood and child welfare systems can improve the care provided to children and families; The potential benefit of high quality early care and education for children who have experienced maltreatment; An overview of several existing interventions based on developmental research that have been adapted and/or developed to be used with families and young children who have experienced child maltreatment; An overview of several programs aimed at infusing the knowledge gained from developmental science into the court system; and A foster parent's perspective on the need for better coordination among early childhood and child welfare systems. (Author abstract)

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