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Welfare Recipients' Attitudes toward Welfare, Nonmarital Childbearing, and Work.

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Wertheimer, Richard.
Long, Melissa.
Vandivere, Sharon.
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This brief explores how attitudes toward welfare, nonmarital childbearing, and work differ between mothers who have recently received welfare payments and mothers who have not recently received welfare. Differences in attitudes may be important to public policy because attitudes mayinfluence behavior. For example, a mother with a young child who believes that mothers should not work outside the home when children are young might find a welfare-to-work transition more difficultthan would a mother who does not share that belief. At the end of the brief, we consider whether any of the differences we find have implications for federal welfare policy and practice. Data are from the 1997 National Survey of America's Families (NSAF), collectedshortly after the passage of PRWORA. The NSAF surveyed respondents' socioeconomic and demographic characteristics as well as their opinions regarding welfare, nonmarital childbearing, and work.

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