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What do children need to flourish? : conceptualizing and measuring indicators of positive development.

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Moore, Kristin Anderson (Editor)
Lippman, Laura (Editor)
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The papers compiled in this book derive from a conference held in Washington, D.C., in March 2003, which brought together scholars working on varied aspects of the positive development of children. Papers in Part 1 address the positive formation of the self, including character, attitudes, spirituality, life satisfaction, hope, and identity. Part 2 addresses measurements of healthy habits, positive behaviors, and time use. Specifically, chapters discuss leisure time activities in middle childhood, exercise, diet, and body image in adolescents, adolescent participation in organized activities, positive interpersonal and intrapersonal functioning in adolescents, and prosocial behavior. The following part explores measures of positive relationships with parents and siblings. Part 4 includes papers that address positive attitudes and behaviors toward learning and the school environment. The final part addresses enacting positive values and behaviors in communities and includes papers on community-based civic engagement, prosocial orientation and community services, and the impact of frugality, generosity, and materialism in children. Numerous references.

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