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What Does a Healthy Couple Relationship Look Like?

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Syracuse University. College of Human Services and Health Professions.
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Research is clearly pointing to the fact that the quality of a caretaking couple's relationship directly impacts the quality of their parenting and, ultimately, the safety, wellbeing and permanency of the children within the family. Given the wide variety of families represented within the child welfare system, we define "caretaking couple" broadly to include heterosexual couples, gay and lesbian couples, grandparents raising grandchildren, grandmother and adult daughter, single parents and their significant other, married couples, and couples living together, etc. It is also clear from the research that children being raised in a family where the caretaking couple's relationship is healthy and committed, and where conflict is managed effectively, the children have the best possible outcomes in terms of physical and mental health, behavioral health, and education attainment, etc. (Author abstract)

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