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Why Congress Should Ignore Radical Feminist Opposition to Marriage.

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Personal Author: 
Fagan, Patrick F.
Rector, Robert E.
Noyes, Lauren R.
Corporate Author: 
Heritage Foundation (Washington, D.C.).
Technical Report
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This policy paper explores why radical feminists oppose President Bush's new marriage initiative. A case is made that radical feminists seek to undermine the nuclear family of married father, mother, and children, which they label the patriarchal family. The paper reviews the emergence of radical feminism in the 1960s, core beliefs of its founders, and its animosity towards marriage throughout the 1980s and 1990s. The belief of radical feminists that marriage oppresses women is explored, as well as the reaction of moderate feminists against the radicalism of feminism. Research findings on the benefits of marriage are reviewed, and the views of prominent liberals that support marriage are shared. Finally, components of President Bush's initiative to promote healthy marriage and the continued opposition by radical feminists are discussed. 90 references.

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