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Young Adult Attitudes About Relationships and Marriage: Times May Have Changed, But Expectations Remain High.

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Scott, Mindy E.
Schelar, Erin.
Manlove, Jennifer.
Cui, Carol.
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Child Trends
Briefing Materials
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This Research Brief provides a portrait of the attitudes and opinions of young adults about relationships and the importance of marriage. To develop this portrait, Child Trends analyzed data from Wave III of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health by gender, race/ethnicity, and relationship status. Results of our analyses indicate that most young adults have high expectations for marrying someday, though fewer wish to be married currently. Moreover, many young adults are currently in a cohabiting or marital relationship and the vast majority agrees that cohabitation is acceptable. We also found that young adults value love, fidelity, and commitment as part of successful relationships. (Author abstract modified)

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