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The Resource Center's virtual library collects material from a wide array of organizations available in a variety of formats to build a knowledge base around healthy marriage and relationship education, integration into safety-net service systems, and related topics for couples, educators, policy makers, public service agencies, and other safety-net stakeholders.

Visit our Special Collection: Healthy Dating Leads to Healthy Marriage for resources for youth, parents and service providers on this important topic.

Use the search options provided below to find resources that you are interested in. If you have additional questions, please contact us directly.

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Do you have something you think is appropriate for the library? While library staff scour various resources seeking items for the collection, it is not possible for staff to have access to all marriage and family-related resources. This is where you can help by sharing materials created by your program so that they may be reviewed or used by program staff, resource families, or related professionals for the purpose of improving service delivery for families.

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