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Integration Strategies

Our mission is to promote the integration of healthy marriage and relationship education into safety-net service systems as part of a holistic approach to strengthening families. Integration can take place in different ways based on local strengths, needs, and capacity.

The way you choose to integrate healthy marriage and relationship education will depend on your agency’s service delivery system and the resources available.

  • Some stakeholders may only be able to offer handouts during client visits or home visits.
  • Other stakeholders may be able to create partnerships that help integrate healthy marriage and relationship education workshops or skill-based classes into the services they offer families.
  • Still other stakeholders may have the capacity for a train-the-trainer model to learn and then teach healthy marriage and relationship education skills directly to the couples, families, or individuals that they serve.

The Resource Center has created a Levels of Integration concept to visualize integration efforts as different points on an integration continuum.

No matter which strategy you select, integrating healthy marriage and relationship education will strengthen families in your community. Some agencies make a significant impact using a basic engagement strategy alone.  Others combine elements of several levels to create a unique approach to integration.  Your agency’s integration strategy will also change and evolve along with the resources available and the needs of the families you serve.

Ready to begin? Here are resources to help you.

Free Technical Assistance

This Levels of Integration chart gives ideas and examples of the types of free technical assistance that the Resource Center provides to help your agency’s integration efforts.

Learn more about:

Read integration success stories and learn how agencies around the country are translating the research on healthy relationships into new and innovative programming.

First Steps to Integrating Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education is a Resource Center webinar that can be found in our Archived Webinars. This webinar highlights the planning and development stages of integrating healthy marriage and relationship education and features speakers who have launched integration efforts in different settings. Speakers describe how relationship education fits with their agencies’ missions, what their initial development looked like, and where they see their efforts heading in the future.

Visit our Library for more free relationship- and family-related resources in variety of formats. Use the search field to find information on a particular topic.

Check out our online and in-person training options.  All our training materials are research-based and free.  We can help provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to begin the integration process.

Ask us for help! Our team is available to answer any specific questions or provide free assistance as you begin integrating healthy marriage and relationship education into your service delivery system. Just complete a Training and Technical Assistance request form to begin the process. 

Levels of Engagement

Level 1 – Basic Engagement

Basic engagement involves distributing information on healthy relationship skills to colleagues and clients within your existing service delivery...


Level 2 – Partnerships

Level two integration involves identifying and developing partnerships with community agencies that can teach healthy relationship skills to...


Level 3 – Full Integration

Full integration incorporates a comprehensive healthy marriages and relationship education program into existing services. Full integration...