National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families
Issue 2
December 2012

National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families

The Director's Corner


The holidays can be a wonderful time of year! Lights and decorations brighten streets and homes! It's also a great time to gather with friends and family that we don't often see! Unfortunately, the holidays also bring added stress. Family drama and financial concerns can be stressful, especially when trying to meet unrealistic expectations. Part of having healthy family relationships is managing expectations by talking about them. Where and when will the family gather? Will we exchange presents this year or only buy presents for the children?

For individuals suffering mild depression, the stress can be overwhelming. Beating the Blues is a tip sheet available in the Resource Center Library to help you sort through the levels of depression and know when help might be needed.

We wish you and the families you serve a safe happy holiday season!

Best Regards,

Robyn Cenizal, Project Director


Tip of the Month

Your monthly tip to strengthen the significant relationships of those you serve.

Building intimacy is an ongoing process of knowing and understanding one's partner. In a healthy relationship that happens through a process of mutual sharing - referred to as "self-disclosure" and "partner responsiveness."

  • Conversation Starter to discuss time spent sharing with a partner or older child(ren) as a strength to build on: "What is it like when you are able to take time and just share your day with [your partner or your child]? When that happens, where does it usually happen? If you were able to spend just 10% more time each day [in that place, or chatting together], what would that look like?"
  • Working with older youth? Help distinguish good relationship differences from ones that spell trouble with the Act Youth Network's quiz, Do Opposites Attract?

Featured Resources

The Resource Center's Virtual Library has collected more than 500 materials in a variety of formats - including factsheets, research-to-practice briefs, brochures, pamphlets, training resources, program reports or evaluations, and research materials - to help safety-net stakeholders integrate healthy marriage and relationship education knowledge and skills into their service delivery. Below are two recently added resources.


The Resource Center will be hosting a free webinar on healthy relationship education in December for interested Federal, State, Tribal and local agency administrators and social service providers. Please click the link below for information and registration.
The Resource Center’s Events Calendar offers a listing of Resource Center events and other national, regional and community-wide events that might be of interest. The NeighborWorks Training Institute is an example of events that can be found on our calendar.

Feedback and Technical Assistance:

If you have suggestions or wish to speak with a Resource Center staff member, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. If you would like to request Technical Assistance, please submit a Training and Technical Assistance Request Form and our Technical Assistance Coordinator will contact you.

To learn more about the Resource Center visit us at

The National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families supports safety-net service providers as they integrate healthy marriage and relationship education skills into service delivery systems as part of a comprehensive, culturally appropriate, family-centered approach designed to promote self-sufficiency.

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