Issue 22  |  September 2014
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National Child Awareness Month
A Note from the Director
As part of National Child Awareness Month, agencies are encouraged to set aside their respective agendas and collectively focus on the needs of children. With limited funding and limitless needs, it’s easy for social service agencies to perceive themselves as in competition with each other instead of recognizing the value of working collaboratively.
Parents also struggle with competing priorities and limited resources that distract them from being fully aware of what’s going on in the lives of their children. The following tips and resources are offered to assist you and the families you serve in refocusing awareness on the children.
Best Regards,
Robyn Cenizal, Project Director
Tip of the Month
Your monthly tip to strengthen the relationships of those you serve. Share it - Post it - Pass it on!
Children have a lot to say; and due to the stressors of work or the general distractions of everyday life, parents often find themselves hearing their children talking, but not listening to what is being said. Taking the time to connect and communicate can make a world of difference in children's lives.
Find the Time to Talk: Our lives are busy, whether it's taking your child to and from school or shopping for groceries, fitting in a time to talk can seem difficult. When you’re with your children, put away the cell phones and use the time as an opportunity to talk to each other.
Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions: Sometimes we see the actions and choices our children make and wonder why they made that decision. By asking them questions, you can gain a better understanding of how they think and what influences their choices. Start by asking about every day decisions, which can help open lines of communication when more serious issue arise. Ask open ended questions, like "what about that shirt do you like best?" and "what helped you decide on ordering this for dinner?" Their responses might shock you!
Featured Resources
The Resource Center's Virtual Library has collected more than 800 materials in a variety of formats including fact sheets, research-to-practice briefs, brochures, pamphlets, training resources, program reports or evaluations, and research materials.
Select the links below to view our featured September resources:
  •  Improving Child Outcomes by Strengthening Couple Relationships (Library Record)
This tip sheet offers information for child welfare professionals on healthy marriage and relationship education (HMRE) including recommendations on how to integrate HMRE into their work with families, highlighting when it may be appropriate.
  •  Essentials for Childhood: Steps to Create Safe, Stable, and Nurturing Relationships (Library Record)
This document proposes strategies that communities can consider to promote the types of relationships and environments that help children grow up to be healthy and productive citizens so that they, in turn, can build stronger and safer families and communities for their children.
  •  Socialization Values and Parenting Practices as Predictors of Parental Involvement in Their Children's Educational Process (Library Record)
The purpose of this study was to examine associations between parental socialization values (including inconsistency in values), parenting practices, and parental involvement in their children's education.
The Resource Center's Events Calendar offers a listing of Resource Center events and other national, regional, and community-wide events that might be of interest. Upcoming events include:
  •  National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP) 2014 Youth Development Symposium in Chicago, IL, September 22-24, 2014
The National Association of Workforce Development Professionals’ 2014 Youth Development Symposium helps reach new segments of the workforce development market.
  •  Webinar: Stronger Families Through Healthy Relationships on Tuesday, September 23, 2014, at 2:00 PM EDT
On Tuesday, September 23, 2014, at 2:00 PM EDT, the National Resource Center will be hosting the Stronger Families Through Healthy Relationships webinar to educate safety-net service providers and other stakeholders on the role of healthy relationship education in reducing tension and improving communication between parents regardless of family structure.
  •  National Head Start Association (NHSA) 2014 Fall Leadership Institute in Washington, DC, September 28-October 3, 2014
Nearly 500 Head Start, Early Head Start, and other early learning professionals will gather in Washington, D.C. for the 2014 NHSA Fall Leadership Institute.
Feedback and Technical Assistance
If you have suggestions or wish to speak with a Resource Center staff member, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. If you would like to request technical assistance, please submit a Training and Technical Assistance Request Form and our Technical Assistance Coordinator will contact you.
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The National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families supports safety-net service providers as they integrate healthy marriage and relationship education skills into service delivery systems as part of a comprehensive, culturally appropriate, family-centered approach designed to promote self-sufficiency.
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